“Doreen” in Joyland

My short fiction story “Doreen” is out in Joyland Magazine and can now be read in full on their website.

As The Seattle Review of Books wrote after last month’s Lit Crawl, “Joyland Magazine is built on a contradiction that isn’t one: that fiction is both an international movement and grounded in local communities. They have editors throughout the United States and Canada who are responsible for curating stories that define each region’s unique character, and they publish by the map — stories are grouped and tagged by location, so readers get to know the flavor of a particular place.”

From the same review: “Adams’ ‘Doreen’ (coming next issue) takes a woman comfortably padded against unpleasantness into the teeth of the medical system.”

Thanks to Joyland PNW editor Kait Heacock for picking “Doreen” out of the pile and giving it a home.

Glimmer Train Award Finalist

I’m very pleased to announce that my short story Do No Harm was a Finalist for Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Award.
From their email:

…we really enjoyed “Do No Harm”! Although it did not win this time, I am happy to inform you that it did make the Top 25 list. Congratulations! (That’s the top 2 – 3% of over a thousand submissions!) Be sure to mention this achievement as you send the piece back out into the world.

I am grateful to the editors of Glimmer Train for reading my work and for all that they do. Last year I was pleased to be awarded an honorable mention, and I’m thrilled to have moved up to being a finalist this go-around.

“All Hazards Model” in Monkeybicycle

My flash fiction story “All Hazards Model” has been published in Monkeybicycle

I scribbled my first draft of this story during a public health nursing lecture on disaster preparedness. I didn’t do anything with those scribbles for a few years, but I loved the picture that had formed in my mind of the risk analysis expert, her tornado-alley sister, and the radioactive ground that was their childhood. I’m happy that those “class notes” turned into “All Hazards Model” and found a home in Monkeybicycle.

Creative Nonfiction in The Pinch, Issue 37.1

My story “Anatomy of an Education” is out in The Pinch Journal, Issue 37.1.

The Pinch is an award-winning and internationally recognized literary journal published biannually by the University of Memphis. Founded in 1980 under the name Memphis State Review, the journal’s name was changed to River City in 1988, and in 2005 it transitioned into The Pinch Journal (named for the historic Memphis ‘Pinchgut’ District) and expanded its focus on creative nonfiction. You can read more about it’s history here. I’m thrilled to be in a literary journal that has published the likes of Margaret Atwood, Philip Levine, Mary Oliver, Donald Justice, Adrienne Rich, Mary Gaitskill, John Updike and Roxane Gay.

I drafted “Anatomy of an Education” in 2010, during my first year in nursing school and my partner’s first year in medical school. At this time, “Anatomy of an Education” can be read in print. Issue 37.1 can be ordered here.