My Work



  • “Coyotes” (short story) in The Bellingham Review, Fall 2014
  • “Past the Breakwaters” (short story) in Nowhere Is More Important Than Here, Vol. 2: 2013
  • Undertow” (short story) in The Delmarva Review, October 2013
  • The Island” (short story) in The Portland Review, Featured Fiction April 2013.
  • Tetherball” (short story) in The Delmarva Review, Volume 3:  2010

Creative Nonfiction/Essays:

  • Anatomy of an Education” (creative nonfiction) in The Pinch Journal, Issue 37.1, February 2017
  • First Year of Primary Care Practice” (blog post) for The Baltimore Review, January 2017
  • The Traumatized Patient” (creative nonfiction) in American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 116, Issue 10, October 2016
  • Still here: Reflections from a Baltimore community nurse” (creative nonfiction) in Johns Hopkins Magazine, Fall 2014
  • “Women in the Market” (creative nonfiction) in Nowhere Is More Important Than Here, Vol.1: 2011
  • Nursing 101” (creative nonfiction) in The Delmarva Review, Vol. 4: 2011
  • “Cabin Noises” (creative nonfiction) in Down East Magazine, February 2011
  • “A Cure for Hospital Tunnel Vision” (creative nonfiction) in Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine, Summer 2011
  • “The Early Education of Buffalo Jill” (creative nonfiction) in Gray’s Sporting Journal, November 2008
  • “Need a Lift?” (creative nonfiction) in Down East Magazine, December 2007


  • Fastigium” (flash fiction) in Hematopoiesis Press, Issue 2, June 2017
  • The Year She Lived on the Bus” (flash fiction) in JMWW, February 2017
  • Burnt” (creative nonfiction) in Baltimore Review, summer 2013
  • “Living Without” (flash nonfiction) in Urbanite, No. 93: March 2012
  • “Fresh” (flash nonfiction) in Urbanite, Vol.7, No.88: September 2011
  • “Harvest” (flash nonfiction) in Urbanite, Vol.7, No.75: September 2010



  • Weekly Columnist for The Bangor Daily News “Being There” (May 2008-June 2010)
  • Weekly Columnist for The Bangor Daily News  “Antarctica: the Pole Beat” (September 2007-May 2008)

Narrative Journalism:

  • Underserved and Unprotected: Migrant Workers Face Poor Conditions” (article) in Z Magazine, December 2009
  • “Lives on the Line: Migrant Deaths on the U.S.-Mexico Border” (article) in The Utne Reader, November/December 2009
  • “Lives on the Line” (article) in Verge Magazine, December 2008 “Learning the language of the Arizona desert, while helping migrants on a desperate journey.”
  • “Rural Workers and Rights: Out of Sight Communities, Unseen Concerns” (article) in Z Magazine, March 2008
  • “BorderLinks: bridging the gap between the United States and Mexico” (article), TransitionsAbroad Magazine, February 2008


  • Journal article: Connecting Hispanic Women in Baltimore to the Mercy Medical Center SAFE/FNE Program: a Preliminary Assessment of Service Utilization and Community Awareness, Journal of Forensic Nursing, Volume 12, Issue 13.
  • Book chapter: Chapter 23: Being Undocumented & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Multiple Vulnerabilities Through the Lens of Feminist Intersectionality (academic publication),  In R. Weitz & S. Kwan (Eds.), The Politics of Women’s Bodies, 4th ed. (357-372). New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Journal article: Being Undocumented & Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) (academic publication), Women’s Health and Urban Life, 11(1), 15-34.