JMWW Anthology

My short story “The Year She Lived on the Bus” (published in JMWW in 2017) has been anthologized in the new JMWW 2013-2022 Anthology out from Modern Times Press. You can buy a copy in paperback or e-book form here.

I’ve been involved with JMWW in various capacities (most recently as the fiction editor-of-the-month) for many years, but it still surprised me to read through the table of contents for this new anthology and see so many familiar names of amazing writers. I’m so proud to be part of this lineup, the best of a decade of JMWW.

Founded in 2002, jmww is a weekly online journal of writing—publishing the best in poetry, fiction, flash fiction, essays, and interviews. Stories published in the journal have appeared in Best American Essays, Best Small Fictions, Wigleaf Top 50, BIFFY, Best of the Net, and the VERA. The journal has also released six print anthologies and three hand-assembled poetry chapbook contest winners. This anthology picks up where the last one left off—with works from 2013 and onward picked and voted on by present and former jmww editors.”