“Doreen” in Joyland

My short fiction story “Doreen” is out in Joyland Magazine and can now be read in full on their website.

As The Seattle Review of Books wrote after last month’s Lit Crawl, “Joyland Magazine is built on a contradiction that isn’t one: that fiction is both an international movement and grounded in local communities. They have editors throughout the United States and Canada who are responsible for curating stories that define each region’s unique character, and they publish by the map — stories are grouped and tagged by location, so readers get to know the flavor of a particular place.”

From the same review: “Adams’ ‘Doreen’ (coming next issue) takes a woman comfortably padded against unpleasantness into the teeth of the medical system.”

Thanks to Joyland PNW editor Kait Heacock for picking “Doreen” out of the pile and giving it a home.