Future Readings/Performance

9/26/10 Reading at The Writer’s Center

The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland is hosting a Delmarva Review reading at 2p.m., Sunday, September 26th. I have been invited to be one of the five authors who will be reading their work that afternoon, all of whom are featured in the 2010 volume ofThe Delmarva Review.
I’ve been hearing a lot about The Writer’s Center ever since I moved to Maryland, and I am looking forward to this opportunity to visit. The Center is an independent literary organization, “one of the premier centers of its kind in the nation,” dedicated to “cultivating the creating, publication, and dissemination of literary work.” This will be a good opportunity to meet some of the more seasoned writers and editors in the area, and  put my fingerprints on the much peered-into windows to the world of future publications.
Plus there will be a reception. Fingers crossed for some of those little mini-eclair things.
2/7/11 Stoop Storytelling
Kin to storytelling movements across the nation like NYC’s “The Moth” and San Francisco’s “The Porchlight Storytelling Series,”Stoop Storytelling shows feature seven storytellers who get seven minutes each to tell a true, personal, unscripted story about a specific theme. Funny, honest and intimate, the Stoop is probably my favorite part of the Baltimore art scene, so I’m pretty excited to be on next season’s lineup.
February’s show will be themed “Gimme Shelter: Stores about finding, creating, and losing a home.” I plan to do some yarn-spinning about the experiences of living out of my frame pack, the 1984 Mazda Bongo, and of course, the dear old Jamesways of South Pole Station.
Check out old podcasts to get an idea of the flavor of the Stoop Storytelling series–I highly recommend Chriss Ferrera’s piece(“Kitchen Confidential”) and Ethel Weld’s piece (“First Times”).

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