The Next Frontier

This fall I am returning to school, having found what I believe will be a trade that will best allow me to travel, contribute meaningfully to wherever the world takes me, and write: I am pursuing degrees in Nursing and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. After working this year with many of the faculty and staff at the JHU School of Nursing (SON), I am thrilled to be joining the company of such adventurous, passionate, and committed people–including faculty like Beth Sloand, whose work in Haiti I have already chronicled in the Bangor Daily News, and Nancy Glass, whose presentation last fall on her work in the Democratic Republic of Congo had me slack-jawed with admiration.

One of the nice things about Hopkins is how flexible they are; there is room for time-off, part-time, full-time, and everything in between, and the school is very encouraging of global health experience and study abroad. Who knows where this may take me!

To read previous articles on my decision to go to nursing school, go here and here.JHU SON

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